So, I wanted to make a night light or led powered light. After viewing instructables and creations on thingiverse, I decided I wanted something even more simple, was energy efficient, would not generate too much heat, and would not require a special power supply! After some quick research, I found multiple “key chain USB led lights” and since USB chargers and ports are pretty common, I decided to give it a try! I am by no means an expert, but here is what I did! 

(1) Pick a model to make a great night light. I already had this great set from 3DKitbash! 

(2) Order a set of USB lights. I ordered these from Amazon: DROK 5PCS Portable Energy Efficient Kids Child Night Light 

(3) Carefully measure the portion of the light which would be embedded into the model. 

(4) Using the measurements from the USB sticks, create a small rectangular box in Meshmixer (or program of choice) and exported as an OBJ file. 

(5) Using Zbrush Core (or modeler of choice), import the body of your model and then the rectangular box. 

(6) Insert the box shape into your model and Boolean cut out the area of the box. Here is the tutorial I learned from: 

(7) Optimize and save your new model. 

(8) Print and test! I found my cutout to initially be too small. Don’t force (like I did) if it is too tight. I damaged the components the first time! I resized the slot for the USB stick by about 4%, which worked out perfect. 

(9) Insert and glue the USB light into place. I use Zap a Gap CA+ with great results   

(10) Plug it in and enjoy!